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The puma is known by many names. It is often called a mountain lion or cougar but is also known as a catamount, panther, devil cat, screamer, ghost cat and many more. The puma used to be found anywhere in North or South America. It had one of the widest ranges of any mammal on the planet. The puma can be found in a variety of colors from a dark red-brown to slate grey. They can also vary in size from as small as 60lbs near the equator to as large as 250lbs in colder climates.

The puma is one of the most agile of all the wild cats. They can jump straight up 18 feet and drop safely from a height of 60 feet. At a full run, the puma can jump up to 40 feet across. The puma used to be considered a felis or small cat but has recently been reclassified as Puma concolor. They are one of the larger wild cats that can purr, which made them hard to classify. The pumas purr can be incredibly loud and can sometimes be heard up to 50 feet away.