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Liger in the University of Pennsylvania: School of Veterinary Medicine article

Liger in Outdoor Magazine Article

Myrtle Beach Marathon

Animal Sites

Save the Tiger Fund
The best resource for information and research on tigers on the internet.

Cheetah Conservation Fund

Cheetah Conservation Fund
White Tiger Friends
A hot spot for information about White Tigers.

America's Teaching Zoo

Gate to Siegfried & Roy

Friends of Ishmael.org

Orangutan Foundation International

Tiger Information Pages

This website if one of the best tiger resources anywhere. If you are doing a school report, this is a great place to start.

Hornocker Wildlife Institute
The Hornocker Wildlife Institute is currently doing field research on the Siberian tiger. This is a good place to look for current information about the Siberian tiger in the wild.

Tiger Territiory
A great place for information on every aspect of tigers including the hybrid ligers and tigons.

Liger Information

Liger Liger
For more information please visit www.ligerliger.com

Professional Sites


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