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Multimedia: Commercials

One of the series of commercials that our animal actors have starred in recently is for Schweppes Tonic Water. The commercials were filmed at Universal Studios in Florida on a sound stage and on location in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, FL with a plethora of exotic and unique animals. Filming took two to three weeks, three different times, for a total of 10 commercials which are all 30 second long. The first of these commercials has now been seen in over 100 countries. Most of the commercials are available below for you to see yourself.

The main character Clive the leopard, seen below walking into the "Watering Hole", is played by our spotted leopard Chance. He was originally voiced by Kelsey Grammer for the first three commercials and was then voiced by Stephen Fry.

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Schweppes Commercials
(Click on selection to download)

Commercial Title
The Watering Hole High Quality Low Quality
Day at the Beach High Quality Low Quality
Taste of Elephant High Quality Low Quality
Fancy Dress   Low Quality
Pool Party High Quality Low Quality
Barbecue   Low Quality
Purr High Quality Low Quality
Windfall High Quality Low Quality
Lessons High Quality Low Quality