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Birds Of Prey


Birds of Prey are birds that hunt live animals like mammals, fish, birds and rodents. They are typically represented by Eagles, Hawks, Falcons and Kites. Here at T.I.G.E.R.S. we have our own special Birds of Prey. They are Mara Hootie (Barbary Falcon subspecies of Peregrine Falcon), Alair (Red Backed Hawk from South America), Jaired (Black Backed African Kite), Crowboy (black crow) and Africa (Tawny Eagle from Africa). Birds of Prey are used traditionally in falconry. Our birds do enjoy flying and Alair won an Emmy for her flight work in the television movie "Never Say Goodbye".

Renaissance Birds

at home

Behind the scenes of
Edgar AllenPoe's
"The Raven"

Dr. Antle with
Egyptian Eagle Owl,
Tawny Eagle,
Red Backed Hawk,
and Bataleur Eagle

Bald eagle for
Virginia Electric